SMWIA LOCAL 8 JOB POSTINGS FOR Tuesday, July 26, 2016

You must be a member of Local 8 and registered on the Out-of-Work Books to apply for any listed jobs.
If you have the requisite qualifications and are interested in any of the jobs listed; please call
 the Hall at (780) 426-3375
at Ext. #225 or Ext.229 stating your full name, classification,
contact number and posting(s) you are interested in (in order of preference); by 9:30 AM each day.

Job Applicant Messages received AFTER 9:30 AM will not be accepted.

Applicants will be evaluated for qualifications and seniority on the out-of-work lists.
Dispatching will be completed between 9:30 AM and 12:00 noon daily.


 Make sure your CSTS is updated to CSTS-VERSION 09 and you have all required training before applying for posted positions.
You must have proper government photo ID (passport, driver's license or ID card issued from a Provincial Government Registry)
A provincial health card or firearms license is NOT acceptable.

To register for the out-of-work list: please include your full name, classification and contact phone number
Use this button for weekly check-in. Please include your full name & contact phone number

Job ID # Contractor Location Details
9030 Flynn Industrial Ltd. Fort Hills - Conventional Cladding Manpower Required: 1 Journeyman Sheeter
Date/Time:  To Be Determined       7:00 AM
Hours:  14 days on and 7 days off
Length of Job: 3 months plus
Rate of Pay:Industrial wages
Travel/Accommodation:  Camp  
Special Requirements:D&A Testing, CSTS 09, OSSA Regional Orientation (OSSA BSO) OSSA Fall Protection, OSSA EWP. Wall and roof cladding. patching / flashing / door
 9040 Flynn Industrial Nexen - Building Repair Manpower Required: 3 Qualified Sheeters 
Date/Time:  July 11/2016     07:AM
Hours:  Shift 14-7    
Length of Job:  1 Month (plus) 
Rate of Pay:   Industrial wage
Special Requirements:   D and A Testing,  CSTS 09, OSSA Orientation, OSSA Fall Protection, OSSA EWP, H2S Awareness D&A 
 9041   Flynn Industrial CNRL R1 and R2 Pumphouse Manpower Required: 2 Qualified Sheeters
Date & Time:    ASAP        7AM 
Hours:      Shift 14-7 
Length of Job:  2 Months (plus) 
Rate of Pay:  Industrial wage 
Travel/Accommodations:    Camp  
Special Requirements:   CSTS 09, OSSA Regional Orientation, OSSA Fall Protection, OSSA EWP D&A Testing
 9050 NWS SMFI  Mod Yard West Edmonton Manpower Required: 2 Journeymen Sheeters
Date & Time:  ASAP
Hours:  5/10's
Length of Job:   1 Month Plus   
Rate of Pay:  Industrial  
Travel /Accommodation:  n/a   
Special Requirements:  D & A Test, CSTS Version 9, OSSA Orientation, OSSA Fall Protection, OSSA EWP 
9053 LA Brayer Industries Ltd. Spruce Grove Mod Yard
Manpower Required: 3 Sheet Metal Workers (can be Sheet Metal Journeyman, Sheet Metal Apprentice #1, SMA#2, SMA#3 or SM#4 Level.
Date & Time: ASAP
Hours: 5 X 10 Hrs. (Monday - Friday)
Length of Job:   4-6 Weeks
Rate of Pay:  Industrial Wages
Travel /Accommodation:  N/A 
Special Requirements: D&A Testing, CSTS Version 9, OSSA Fall Protection and Ossa EWP. Must have Industrial Experience. Install Ductwork and owner's equipment.  
9054 LA Brayer Industries Ltd. CNRL
(Special Needs Project)
Manpower Required: 3 Sheet Metal Apprentices (can be Sheet Metal Apprentice #1 (with experience), SMA#2, SMA#3 or SMA#4 Level
Date & Time:   August 5th     
Hours:  14 and 7 rotation 
Length of Job: 3-4 Weeks
 Rate of Pay: Industrial Wages     
Travel/Accommodation: Camp. Fly I Fly Out leave August 4th. Start Aug.5th.  Flights out of Edmonton or Calgary only.   
Special Requirements: D&A Testing, CSTS Version 9, Ossa Orientation (or BSO), Ossa Fall Protection, and Ossa EWP ticket Must have govt.issued photo ID, Must have current Registered Apprenticeship. 
      Manpower Required:
Date & Time: 
Length of Job:
Rate of Pay:             
Travel /Accommodation:
   .   Manpower Required:
Date & Time: 
Length of Job:
Rate of Pay:  
Travel /Accommodation:  
Special Requirements:  
      Manpower Required:
Date & Time:   
Length of Job: 
Rate of Pay:
Travel /Accommodation:
Special Requirements: