SMWIA LOCAL 8 JOB POSTINGS FOR Monday, June 27st, 2016

You must be a member of Local 8 and registered on the Out-of-Work Books to apply for any listed jobs.
If you have the requisite qualifications and are interested in any of the jobs listed; please call
 the Hall at (780) 426-3375
at Ext. #229 stating your full name, classification,
contact number and posting(s) you are interested in (in order of preference); by 9:30 AM each day.

Job Applicant Messages received AFTER 9:30 AM will not be accepted.

Applicants will be evaluated for qualifications and seniority on the out-of-work lists.
Dispatching will be completed between 9:30 AM and 12:00 noon daily.


 Make sure your CSTS is updated to CSTS-VERSION 09 and you have all required training before applying for posted positions.
You must have proper government photo ID (passport, driver's license or ID card issued from a Provincial Government Registry)
A provincial health card or firearms license is NOT acceptable.

To register for the out-of-work list: please include your full name, classification and contact phone number
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Job ID # Contractor Location Details
  VETS GROUP We are seeking a FIELD SUPERINTENDENT to grow our field management team. We are looking for individuals with a high degree of skill in installing low velocity commercial duct work and large industrial duct systems.  APPLY TODAY BY VISITING OUR WEBSITE -  Manpower Required: Field Superintendent
Length of Job: 
Rate of Pay:
Special Requirements: The successful applicant will be able to demonstrate strong team management experience and a focus on scheduling, quality project management and safety. In addition, he or she will also need to demonstrate an ability and interest in teaching and mentoring members of the VETS team.
9035 FMR Mechanical Suncor Base Plant
No camp must be local living in Fort McMurray
Manpower Required: 1 Sheet Metal #1 OR Sheet Metal #2
Date/Time: July 27/2016   7:30AM
Hours: 12 HR/Days       14/14 Shift
Length of Job: 2 Weeks (plus)
Rate of Pay: Industrial wages
Travel/Accommodations:  N/A
Special Requirements: D&A Testing, CSTS 09, OSSA Regional Orientaion (OSSA BSO) OSSA Fall Protection, OSSA EWP. Mechanical maintenance Suncor Base Plant.
9027 LA Brayer Industries Ltd. Spruce Grove Mod Yard Manpower Required:  3 or 4 Sheet Metal Workers (can be any trade level with qualifications) 
Date & Time:  ASAP
Hours: 5X10's    (Monday to Friday)
Length of Job: 4 Months (approx)
Rate of Pay: Industrial Wages
Travel/Accommodations: N/A
Special Requirements: D&A Testing, CSTS 09, OSSA Fall Protection, OSSA EWP. Must have Industrial Experience. Install Ductwork and Owner's Equipment.
9028 LA Brayer Industries Ltd. Shop - Shop Fabrication/HVAC Manpower Required: 1-Sheet Metal Journeyman, 1 Sheet Metal #4, 1 Sheet Metal #3, 1 Sheet Metal #2, 1 Sheet Metal #1
Date & Time:   ASAP         7:30 AM
Hours: 7:30AM - 4PM Monday to Friday
Length of Job:  On-going
Rate of Pay: Shop wages
Travel /Accommodation:  N/A
Special Requirements: D&A Testing, CSTS 09. Must be currently registered Sheet Metal. Must have Shop Experience. Overtime may apply as required. Own transportation. Hours may be subject to change in future. Custom Sheetmetal fabrication in shop.
9030 Flynn Industrial Ltd. Fort Hills - Conventional Cladding Manpower Required: 2-Qualified Sheeters. 2-Sheeter #3
Date & Time:  Mid June      7:00 AM
Hours:  14 (days on) and 7 (days off)
Length of Job:  3 months (plus)
Rate of Pay: Industrial wages
Travel /Accommodation:   Camp
Special Requirements:  D&A Testing, CSTS 09, OSSA Regional Orientation (OSSA BSO) OSSA Fall Protection, OSSA EWP. Wall and roof cladding. patching / flashing / doors
9036 Fuller Austin Ledcor Mod Yard Manpower Required: 5 Sheet Metal Journeymen 5 Sheet Metal #3
Date & Time: June 27/2016          7AM
Hours:  10 HR/Days   
Length of Job:2 Weeks (plus)
 Rate of Pay:   Industrial wage
Travel/Accommodation N/A
Special Requirements: D&A Testing, CSTS 09, OSSA Regional Orientation (OSSA BSO) OSSA Fall Protection, OSSA EWP. Must be physically fit, able to climb stairs & ladders, walk extended distances kneel & crouch and perform work in confined spaces and from heights scaffold and aerial work platforms. Must have CSA Work Boots. Must be capable of  wearing sealed eye protection, supplied hard hat, mono goggles, respirators and fall protection equipment. Must have good understanding of both verbal and written english. Required to supply oen tools as per collective agreement.
9032 NWS Construction Fort Hills PLA Agreement Fly In/Fly Out Calgary/Edmonton Bases Only Manpower Required:  2-Sheeter Deckers  
Date & Time: To Be Determined
Hours:  10 hrs./day Working 14/7days off
Length of Job: 3 Months Plus
Rate of Pay: Industrial
Travel /Accommodation: Camp    
Special Requirements: D & A Test, CSTS Version 9, Ossa Orient., Ossa Fall Prot., Ossa EWP, Descript. of Work -Flashing and Patching Finisher
9033 NWS Construction Acheson/Edmonton Area
Supreme Modular Fabrication Inc.
Manpower Required: 1 Qualified Sheeters
Date & Time:To Be Determined        7AM
Hours:5 X 10's
Length of Job: Unknown
Rate of Pay: Industrial Wages
Travel /Accommodation: N/A
Special Requirements: D & A Test, CSTS Version 9, OSSA Orient., OSSA Fall Prot., OSSA EWP. Modyard work soffits, walls, roofs, foam panal
9034 NWS Construction Ledcor mod yard
(Encana project)
Manpower Required: 2 Qualified Sheeters, 2 Sheeter #3, 2 Sheeter #2
Date & Time:July 4/2016         
Hours: 10 HR/Days      5/2 Shift
Length of Job: 3 Months (plus)
Rate of Pay:Industrial wages
Travel /Accommodation: N/A
Special Requirements:D&A Testing, CSTS 09, OSSA Regional Orientation, OSSA Fall Protection, OSSA EWP. Foam panal walls conventional roofs