October / November, 2016




Negotiations for the new National Maintenance Agreement (NMA) were concluded on August 11, 2016. The term of the agreement will be from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2019. The changes to the agreement are as follows:

  • All overtime will be paid at time and a half (1½ ), and double time (2) paid after twelve (12) hours. Unscheduled overtime will be voluntary.

  • The maintenance base wage rate within the entire province of Alberta will be established at seventy-five cents ($0.75) under construction base rates plus 100% of the appropriate benefits.

  • When working overtime, benefits will be paid on hours worked; except for Health and Welfare Benefits for those who have it in their respective reference agreements.

  • Statutory holidays will be observed on the day they fall and will not be moved into the regular work week for observance if they fall on an individual’s scheduled days off. If worked, the employee will be compensated at time and one half (1½ )

  • Just as many of our competitors have already done, the committee and the signatory employers have committed to working together to establish a Work Ready Workforce (WRW) for all trades with a goal of achieving this by Jan.1, 2018

  • State of the Industry meetings will be held with our signatory employers/partners every 6 months. Their purpose will be to keep an eye on the evolving economic situation so we can take steps necessary to protect our interests. Hopefully, further changes are not necessary. Time, however, will tell.

The General Presidents Maintenance Agreement (GPMA) was amended on October 4, 2016 so that it will also incorporate the same terms agreed to in the NMA beginning January 1, 2017. The General President’s Maintenance Committee is working towards combining both agreements into one maintenance agreement. You will be informed when this takes place.


Local 8 News: 

  • The Edmonton Children’s Christmas will take place on Sunday December 4th at the Canora Community hall. The hall is located at 10425- 152 street. It will take place from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm. Phone Charlotte to register your children. In Calgary, the event will again be at the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 275 at 755 – 42 Street SE (Forest Lawn) at 10:30 AM. If leaving a message, please leave your name as well as names and ages of children / grandchildren attending.

  • A COMET course will be held in Edmonton on November 19th. Call Kerry in the Edmonton office to register

  • Apprentices looking for help while in school can contact our trainer, Jason Wright, to set up a time to come into the shop. You can call either (780) 426-3375 ext. 228  or (780) 245-3227.

  • We'd like to remind all Local 8 members who work on permit for a Building Trades affiliated Local, such as the Boilermakers Local 146, Cement Masons Local 222, the Insulators Local 110 or others, that you are responsible for your basic monthly dues to Local 8. We do not receive any of the dues that are deducted while you are working on a permit through another Local.

  • We're working on our 2017 photo calendar for publishing in mid-November. If you have a crew / jobsite photo you’d like to see in the calendar, e-mail a high-resolution copy to info@local8.ca   Please be sure to check site regulations regarding photos prior to taking any pictures.

  • American Income Life (AIL) sent out a second mail-out to Local 8 members on September 26th. AIL is a union insurance company providing optional insurance products to those members who may be interested. This is NOT part of our Health and Welfare Plan and you are under no obligation to purchase anything. Returning the enrolment card will result in a call from a salesperson.

Dispatch Procedure Review:

Local 8 has been very fortunate to have available jobs, especially in the Oil Sands, throughout this economic downturn. As you’re aware, our job line web page and phone line are updated daily at about 4:30 PM. Eligible members can either e-mail of leave a message for the dispatcher indicating their name, contact number and the job number(s) interested in.

To be eligible for dispatch, a member must:


  • Have the proper classification for the job
  • Hold all required safety certificates
  • Have dues paid to the end of the month following the start of the job (i.e. for dispatch to a job starting in October, dues must be paid to the end of November)
  • Be registered on the out-of-work list
  • NOT be working for a signatory contractor. You can NOT request a dispatch to a posted job until notice is given by either the employee or contractor.

Members are also reminded that they can not contact an employer about a posted job. All enquiries about posted jobs MUST go through dispatch.


Members who solicit their own jobs or who are name-hired by one of our contractors must still contact the Local 8 office to request a dispatch. Again, they must ensure that their dues are up-to-date.


There has been some confusion, both with members and contractors, about the Basic Safety Orientation ticket. The BSO replaces the OSSA Regional Orientation, however members who hold the original ORO ticket are not required to have a BSO ticket. Members working in the industrial sector are still required to hold Construction Safety Training System (CSTS) tickets; and they must be version 3.09. Members holding the older 3.2 version can usually upgrade at no cost on the Alberta Construction Safety website.


Members who haven’t already registered with the Bistrainer program are urged to contact our Training Co-ordinator, Jason Wright (jason@local8.ca ) to request a link and password. Bistrainer will be integrated with our Windues system to track all safety training.