August, 2016


Local 8 Elections


In May, nomination meetings were held for positions of a Retirement Pension Plan Trustee and a Health & Welfare Plan Trustee for the term July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2019.


Bradley Watters was re-elected to the Pension Trustee position by acclamation. Garry Melcosky was named Health and Welfare Trustee after the results of a mail-in ballot were tabulated.


Brother Kevin Connors, an Executive Board member since 2003, has stepped down. The Local wishes to express it’s gratitude to Kevin for his many years of service. A by-election will be held to fill the position for a southern Executive Board member for the remainder of the term (to June 30, 2018) with nominations at the September regular and special call meetings; with voting if required, at meetings in October. Please see calendar on the home page for dates and venues.


To be eligible for the position, a member must:

·        Be a Journeyman member in good standing with the Local for at least two years

·        Be paying full dues (not in receipt of pension benefits)

·        Have dues paid to the end of September prior to September 1.


Nominees not in attendance at the meeting must notify the Local in writing of their acceptance of their nomination within 5 days of the date nominated.


Local 8 News: 


·    Please note that the Edmonton and Calgary September meetings have been moved back one week. The Edmonton meeting will be on September 13 and Calgary on September 15 

·    2016 Service Award presentations will take place at meetings throughout the Province in October. We will be presenting our second 60-year award to Brother Eric Arctander, as well as awards to forty-five other members with service from 15 and 50 years.

·   The Local will be inviting two apprentice members to join their delegation to the Building Trades of Alberta Conference from September 19 – 22 in Jasper. Interested members can e-mail prior to August 31.

  • The Canadian Sheet Metal Apprentice Competition was held in Halifax from July 21 to 23. The project was a model of the Noon Day Cannon made with copper. We’d like to thank Daniel Lee for doing such a good job representing Local 8 at the competition. Pictures are posted on our web site. Congratulations also to Daniel, who was named Top Alberta Sheet Metal Apprentice at the AIT awards.

  • Congratulations also go out to Neil Lucki, who won the gold medal in sheet metal at the Provincial Skills Competition in May

  • The Training Trust Fund has approved payment for a Defensive Driving on-line course that will allow the user to have 3 demerits deducted from his driving record. More details on the course can be found on the Training page of our website

  • The Canadian Building Trades Unions have partnered with Union Power Insurance Brokers to create a new Home and Auto Insurance program, now available to Local 8 members. Business Manager Worobetz tried the program and saved $600.00 in the yearly policy, so wanted to pass the info on to our members. You can call 1-844-872-8722 or email to receive a free quote

  • We're still looking for members interested in playing in the "Solidarity Slugfest" softball tournament in Okotoks September 9, 10 and 11. Please call Steve at 403 813 5523 if you'd like to join in

The following is a letter from the General President's Maintenance Committe on upcoming negotiations in the Maintenance Industry:

I would like to begin this letter by offering two words I think you should hear more often: thank you. You are the men and women who have built and maintained the utility and energy infrastructure that powers Albertans’ lives and the country’s economy. Every Canadian has benefitted from the development of Alberta’s oil and natural gas deposits, be it through a job (either directly or indirectly attached to the sector) or the billions generated for government.


The economic climate in Alberta has changed dramatically. The province’s fortunes have fallen alongside oil prices. Investment has declined sharply as companies either postponed or cancelled projects altogether. Making the situation even worse, these companies have also had to cut their operating costs in a bid to keep their heads above water. More than 63,000 Albertans lost their jobs in the first eight months of 2015 alone, and that number continues to grow. The losses have been so great that even if you have not been directly affected, you likely have a family member, friend or neighbour who has.


While economic conditions in the province will eventually stabilize, it is unlikely to happen soon. Alberta’s GDP is projected to shrink by another 3% this year. The implications for our members are clear. With the downturn in the construction market, there are fewer projects to bid on and more players are competing for work within the contract maintenance industry. If we cannot meet these market demands, someone else will. This is the environment we find ourselves in as we prepare to meet with our contractors in August to continue the collective agreement renewal process.


As always, we will be fighting for your interests, but our expectations need to reflect the reality that surrounds us. Our Committee has met with a number of clients who are under tremendous pressure to get in line with international cost structures. If these companies are not in position to grow, our members are going to have fewer opportunities to work. I am confident that we can strengthen our competitive position in the longer term, but we are going to need your support to do so. If we are realistic about what we can achieve in this economic climate, we can keep as many of our members as possible on job sites and position ourselves for continued success. That has to be our overriding goal.


B. McKenzie, Executive Director, General Presidents’ Maintenance Committee for Canada