March, 2015

General Elections - 2015

 Special call meetings will be held during March, 2015 to re-present the motion previously carried
across the province in September, 2010 and again in February,  2012.

The motion states that Local #8 utilize mail-in ballots for all Local #8 elections. This specifically refers to the upcoming General Elections for officers of the hall coming up in June, 2015.


To comply with the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers
 (formerly Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association) Constitution and Ritual  Article 12, Section 6 (a) such a motion must be presented at special meetings.
The General President then must approve the use of the mail ballot.


Please see the calendars on the home page of this site  for meeting dates & venues.

Local 8 News:
  • Your tax receipt for union dues is included with this newsletter. It confirms the amount of dues paid by you to Local # 8 in 2014, and that amount is an allowable deduction on your income tax. Use this, and only this receipt. Some employers may indicate some or all of the union dues you paid on the T-4 they issue to you. You are NOT allowed to claim both amounts. The amount indicated on the white tax receipt issued by Local # 8 is the only amount you can claim.
  • Beginning March 1st, a member must have their basic dues paid one month in advance of the current month in order to be issued a dispatch from the hall. This is spoken to in Article 8 Section 2 (f) of the SMART Constitution and Ritual. The change is needed as it may take a month and a half for dues to be remitted by the employers, depending on when a member starts work. Suspension of membership occurs after falling two months in arrears on your basic dues.
  • During the meetings in March, there will be a presentation and discussion on the new Provincial Collective agreements for Sheet Metal and Sheeting/Decking. Voting on the new provincial agreements will take place by secret mail-in ballot as per Article 20 of our Bylaws. A package containing the appropriate agreement with proposed changes, ballot and a stamped return envelope will be sent to each member working under either of these two agreements, according to their classification in the hall, at the beginning of March. Ballots must be returned before April 15 in order to be counted.
  • The Local is looking at starting a mentor program for our new foremen. We are looking for experienced foremen who could help our new foremen by sharing some of their experiences and knowledge. Anyone who is interested in participating can contact Dan in the Edmonton office.

  • Local # 8 is planning a large organizing drive for North-West Alberta (Grande PrairiePeace River area specifically) during 2015. We expect our members to provide full and complete cooperation with this initiative. This means that no member shall work for a non-signatory contractor in this area without first obtaining clearance from the Union Hall. This can be done by contacting our Organizer, Kerry Hnybida, and providing him with your name and contact information. He will contact you from time to time to ask for information and assistance which you will need to provide. Failure to obtain clearance from Local #8 prior to starting work or failure to assist our Organizer could result in the member being brought up on charges by the Hall. Penalties can range from a fine up to and including expulsion from the Hall. Likewise any member caught recruiting Local 8 members for a non-signatory contractor will be brought up on charges that will contain a recommendation to the Trial Board that they be expelled from membership immediately if found guilty.
  • A COMET course will be held in Edmonton on April 25th at 9:30 AM. Please contact Kerry Hnybida to register.
  • Our Training Co-ordinator, Rick Carter, is arranging a Leadership for Safety Excellence course to take place on March 28th and 29th at the Edmonton hall. Please contact Rick to register.
  • The third annual Battle of the Trades Hockey Tournament, organized by the Southern Alberta Building Trades Council, will be held April 17th, 18th and 19th at the Chestemere Arena. Local 8 will only be entering one team this year and we’re looking forward to defending our championship. If you’re interested in playing, please call  Steve at 403-813-5523. We invite anyone who’d like to cheer our team on, or just enjoy some good hockey, to stop by.